Contract Catering

Al TAMIMI Group catering specializes in industrial and volume catering with operations throughout the state of Qatar. Al Tamimi Group catering services has developed a reputation for retaining contracts through consistent delivery of professional, flexible services.

Tamimi Catering Services owes much of its success to the fact that it operates as a well-trained professional team. Every employee understands his role in the company and the importance of it being properly executed. The direction of the company is in the hands of seasoned professionals with outstanding records in the food and catering industry. All this taken into consideration, the management team is young enough to have the zest and energy to keep TAMIMI Catering services ahead of its competitors. Quality and services continue to be our number one priority in any operation we undertake.


Immediate access to Tamimi Catering senior management.


Tamimi Catering is a financially sound company with over seventeen years of experience in industrial catering. Tamimi catering services can match all purchasing power. Tamimi Catering Services is committed to the training and development of all staff.


Tamimi Catering Services openly supports emerging businesses and is 100% committed to supporting the RDP. Tamimi Catering Services provide personalized services. Resulting in the highest standards within the industry. Tamimi Catering has tried and proven administration systems (Manual and computer). Tamimi Catering Services has a proud history of supporting local industry and US ARMED FORCES in Qatar.


Tamimi Services has the human resources, technical expertise, and practical experience necessary to provide a highly efficient, value–for–money catering operation for a large number of people.


By merging the extensive experience, expertise, and resources of the Al Tamimi Group, has been created that offers superior capabilities to perform every phase of operations and maintenance services including, but not limited to, the following functions.

  • Hospitality Operations and Management Services
  • Full range of food services – Industrial, Hospitals, Camps, etc.
  • Building & Facilities Management services
  • Complete range of recreation services
  • Housing administration and housekeeping services
  • All aspects of procurement, supply, and logistics support
  • Global services contracts for the provision of manpower and equipment
  • Electrical power distribution systems
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems


  • Prompt, healthy, & safe food.
  • From normal menus to Value Meals.
  • Progressive Cooking.
  • Increased Male & Female Staff.
  • Ice Cream Corner.
  • Fresh Juices Corner.
  • Grab & Go Items with Nutrition Value.
  • Display of Nutrition value on counters.
  • Cut Fresh Fruit Platters.
  • Appointed Sous Chef.
  • Salad Bars.

Dining Halls

  • Décor & Atmosphere..
  • Special Uniforms.
  • Ice, Vegetable, and Butter Carvings.
  • Fresh Fruit Displays.

Central Production Kitchen

  • Transport Fleet with Temperature Control.
  • Strict Hygiene & Sanitation Practices.
  • Investment in food recipe management system.
  • Deals with client Approved Suppliers only.
  • Caters to all types of functions.

Industrial Catering

Al Tamimi Group Catering can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day. As a company, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater for any number of people on site providing services such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the extra touch when it comes to those special corporate orders and themed events.


Hospital Catering

Meals are meticulously planned and executed and raw ingredients are delivered each day by the truckload to ensure patients and others who rely on the service are fed on time, and as ordered. The Catering Department provides:

  • 622 different menus
  • 3,110 different food and beverage choices
  • 67,818 breakfasts per month
  • 70,006 lunches per month
  • 69,800 dinners per month
  • 612,632 meals for functions and events per year

Events Catering

Looking for an efficient, professional and reliable outdoor caterer for your important event? Look no further, the catering and events team takes pride in creating truly memorable events that will surely impress you and your guests.

Our chefs are more than happy to tailor special menus that would meet your requirements so as to make sure that your guests enjoy a memorable occasion. Plan your next outdoor catering with the Al Tamimi Group Catering professional team and see it turn into a truly memorable and successful event!


Rig's Catering

In order to maintain a quality workforce, employers in the oil, gas, and mining industry must make sure the needs of their employees are met when out on the rig. This means feeding them and feeding them well. Having a caterer on site is an excellent way to make sure your team is getting the fuel it needs to complete the work at hand. Plus, better food leads to greater satisfaction, which leads to more productive employees, which in turn yields higher profits for your business.

It’s no secret that those who work in the oil, gas, and mining industry can work up quite the appetite. Our team is experienced in serving up large quantities of mouthwatering food to meet the needs of your crew. We are also well-versed in the safety requirements associated with catering on the rig, and adhere to the highest level of standards.



Al Tamimi Group Catering can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day


  • C 21 Financial Square
  • C Ring Road
  • Building #1, First Floor, Office #5
  • Doha, Qatar,
  • Tel +974 44 313 670, Fax +974 44 313 671